D Branding is a brand & marketing consultancy

accelerating business growth

Our mission is to create a strong positive emotional connection between your product or service and consumers in order to generate long term revenue growth. We do this by utilizing and maximizing the right marketing initiatives and deep brand thinking that will communicate your product or service's uniqueness in the most effective way.

As a brand consultancy, we are much more than just another agency that designs your logo or website, or spends your money on Facebook ads. We found that the best way to help our clients grow is by making their problems our own. 





Facebook CMO said in a recent interview ‘The marketer of the future must be a business person first’.

D Branding's founder, Dino H Carter, is exactly that. As someone who had his own businesses, some succeed and some failed, Dino knows what it takes to be a business owner.


Dino H Carter has over 20 years of extensive marketing experience, ranging from work with Levi's and MTV-Europe to small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a brand expert passionate about brand experience and aligning a brand's personality, values, and attributes with its community, Dino is focusing on pure consultant.

Just as you use a financial consultant, Dino helps business owners and entrepreneurs get unstuck and scale their business.



His substantial international experience gives him a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the tools to discover the problems in the business' marketing & sales processes that are holding the business back from its deserved success.

Dino H Carter writes for different publications in the US and Europe, he is a guest on podcasts and a speaker.

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"70% of branding agencies and consultants are about designing you a new logo, website and so on. After working with many different companies and business managers over more than 20 years, I can tell you that a new logo is not what will turn your business up again, the design is not what makes great brands.

What provides brands longevity and sustainable growth is the right combination of management, values, marketing focus, and the right design.

That's why we are different - we are not here to design you a new logo if you don't need one.

We see ourselves as real consultants, as problem solvers"

Dino H Carter - Owner & Chief strategist D Branding



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