— Christian Amegayibor - Owner: Crease Ghana

"D Branding combines creativity, talent, and vast marketing knowledge. It was great working with Dino
and the results are perfect"


If you are here, you are looking to solve a problem. We are problem solvers.

But unlike others, our goal is to do it while actually saving you money.

We do it this way because we know that it's not the size of the budget, it's what you do with it that creates results. 

We help with branding, strategy, marketing, web & graphic design, content marketing & social media, SEO, and campaigns 


Your business is unique, and so are you. 

That's why we believe one size does not fit all. 

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Dino H Carter, the founder of D Branding has more than 20 years of international marketing experience, including work with Levi’s, MTV Europe, Alfa Romeo, and others.

By using a unique and in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, Dino produces fast results with long term growth in both revenues and brand awareness. Last year Dino and the D Branding team helped a client secure $14M in investment, and another one to get acquired after less than 5 months work together, just to name a few.


Our goal is to use Brand Focused Marketing tactics to help clients achieve their goals. Sometimes it requires design work and sometimes more marketing work. Sometimes Dino will work with your in-house team and sometimes the D Branding team will jump in to do some heavy lifting.


Dino is a speaker, podcasts guest, a contributor to different publications in the US and Europe, a member of The American Marketing Association and The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He prefers to work with only a few clients and base long term relationships with full attention, making his clients’ problems his own.

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"Dino can do a lot with very little. With a very limited budget, he made my company in the first three rankings" 

Rami Vardi - Founder & CEO, Spectrum King LED

"Dino promised big but he delivered even bigger"

Brian Barbuto - Owner & CEO, Wrazel

"The results were through the roof! And I've done campaigns in the past. On the first try with Dino, he was able to get me better results so I highly recommend working with Dino" 

Wess Barefoot - Owner, Road to freedom

"I highly recommend working with Dino to anybody who wants to grow a new brand or existing brand" 

Mary Trimble - Owner, Spry Cricket

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"70% of branding agencies and consultants are about designing you a new logo, website and so on. After working with many different companies and business managers over more than 20 years, I can tell you that a new logo is not what will turn your business up again, the design is not what makes great brands.

What provides brands longevity and sustainable growth is the right combination of management, values, marketing focus, and the right design.

That's why we are different - we are not here to design you a new logo if you don't need one.

We see ourselves as real consultants, as problem solvers"

Dino H Carter - Owner & Chief strategist D Branding


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