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It’s all about sales, you know that...
You can have the best product but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t sell it, and selling has become harder than ever.
Sales are the lifeline of your business, and the success of your business determines your life’s future. We are here to help you build that future. Based on technology, data, years of experience, and deep understanding of consumers behavior, we 
utilize and maximize the exact marketing facets, tactics, and strategies your business needs so you can have the successful business you deserve.


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You might have worked with branding or marketing agencies that told you “you must have a new website”, or “you need a new logo!” but you found out the hard way that having a new beautiful logo does not generate sales and the great deal of money you spent on it could have been utilized much better.

That’s not how we do things. As a matter of fact, there are clients we never did any design work for. Unless they needed to, we didn’t change their logo or built them a new website with the promise it’s the key to their business success. But we did get them to sell more, increased their website traffic, and scale both internally and in the industry they are in. 

We want you to win so we do the things that will make your business a winner, from full branding to digital campaigns, content marketing, and influencers. 


Facebook CMO said in a recent interview ‘The marketer of the future must be a business person first’. D Branding's founder, Dino H Carter, is exactly that. As someone who had his own businesses, some succeed and some failed, Dino knows what it takes to be a business owner.



Dino H Carter has over 20 years of extensive marketing experience, ranging from work with Levi's and MTV-Europe to small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a brand expert passionate about brand experience and aligning a brand's personality, values, and attributes with its community, Dino is focusing on pure consultant.

Just as you use a financial consultant, Dino helps business owners and entrepreneurs get unstuck and scale their business.

His substantial international experience gives him a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the tools to discover the problems in the business' marketing & sales processes that are holding the business back from its deserved success.

Dino H Carter writes for different publications in the US and Europe, he is a guest on podcasts and a speaker.

If you want to have Dino speak at your event or run a workshop call 818.564.9246

"Working with Dino is eye-opening. He has vast knowledge and the right tools in many different aspects of marketing and business, his insights are results-oriented and most important - he delivers!

He made a few changes to our online shop and email marketing in one meeting, and immediately the numbers went up!"

Blayne Siegel - Owner of Kinetix Clothing

"Dino has such a unique and smart perspective, I was blown away. His thought process is so sharp and different, but it all makes sense I love the results. I am grateful for this experience."

Jamie Lynn Deieso - Owner: Healing Therapy LA

"Working with Dino is a great experience. He brings so much to the table and really helps find the best and most effective way to get better sales, through unique perception and in-depth understanding of marketing, business and design. I encourage every sales manager to work with him."

Roger Reitzel - Sales executive & Leadership expert

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"70% of branding agencies and consultants are about designing you a new logo, website and so on. After working with many different companies and business managers over more than 20 years, I can tell you that a new logo is not what will turn your business up again, the design is not what makes great brands.

What provides brands longevity and sustainable growth is the right combination of management, values, marketing focus, and the right design.

That's why we are different - we are not here to design you a new logo if you don't need one.

We see ourselves as real consultants, as problem solvers"

Dino H Carter - Owner & Chief strategist D Branding



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