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"Working with D Branding is eye-opening. After one meeting sales went up immediately! They have vast marketing knowledge and the right tools to create the change we needed, and most important - they deliver!"


Blayne Siegel - Owner of Kinetix Clothing



We do it because we know that it's not the size of the budget, it's what you do with it that creates results

We help with branding, strategy, web design, content marketing, SEO, and campaigns 

You might have worked with branding or marketing agencies that told you “you must have a new website”, or “you need a new logo!” but you found out the hard way that having a new beautiful logo does not generate sales and the great deal of money you spent on it could have been utilized much better.

That’s why we do things differently. In the competitive world of commerce created by Amazon and smartphones, your brand is more important than ever. We use a method called Brand Focused Marketing - we find out what is the real issue holding you back from reaching your goals and we fix it using different strategies and unique tactics. Sometimes it requires design work and sometimes more marketing work.

You can have the best product but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t sell it. Sales are the lifeline of your business success, and the success of your business determines your life’s future. We are here to help you build that future.



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Dino H Carter, the founder of D Branding is not your typical branding and marketing guy. He is truly a brand whisperer because of the experience he gained working with different brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs. He brings more than 20 years of international marketing experience, including work with Levi’s, MTV Europe, Alfa Romeo, and others, his thought process is fast and different. As a person who had his own businesses, he knows how hard it is to be a business owner, that is why Dino makes his clients’ problems his own, while at the same time he remains an outside consultant free of office politics, able to offer a much needed fresh perspective.

By using a unique and in-depth understanding of consumer behavior he focuses the solutions on creating a strong positive emotional bond between the consumer and the company. This helps Dino produce fast results with long term growth in both revenues and brand awareness.

Dino lived, traveled, and worked in three continents, he has a bachelor's degree in Management & Communications, a teaching diploma, and a very unique life story and a distinctive personality. He is a speaker, podcasts guest, a contributor to different publications in the US and Europe, a member of The American Marketing Association and The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

If you want to have Dino speak at your event or run a workshop call 323.645.0137

"Working with Dino is a great experience. He brings so much to the table and really helps find the best and most effective way to get better sales, through unique perception and in-depth understanding of marketing, business and design. I encourage every sales manager to work with him."

Roger Reitzel - Sales executive & Leadership expert

"Dino has such a unique and smart perspective, I was blown away. His thought process is so sharp and different, but it all makes sense I love the results. I am grateful for this experience."

Jamie Lynn Deieso - Owner: Healing Therapy LA

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"70% of branding agencies and consultants are about designing you a new logo, website and so on. After working with many different companies and business managers over more than 20 years, I can tell you that a new logo is not what will turn your business up again, the design is not what makes great brands.

What provides brands longevity and sustainable growth is the right combination of management, values, marketing focus, and the right design.

That's why we are different - we are not here to design you a new logo if you don't need one.

We see ourselves as real consultants, as problem solvers"

Dino H Carter - Owner & Chief strategist D Branding


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