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Let's be frank, you need more visitors to your website or online shop. I mean you wouldn't be here if it wasn't the case.

Most people do SEO themselves or use off-shore SEO services on the cheap – but those who succeed know this is not the way...

That’s a solution. It can save some money. 

But there are a few huge, looming problems…

You see, Google, the biggest search engine in the world, changes its algorithm every few months which means SEO best practices change constantly. A tactic you used for your SEO six months ago will not work now. 

Our SEO team is a group of super-intelligent people who geek on SEO. That's what they do all day.


Another secret of the trade no SEO service provider will tell you is that perfect grammar, and spelling mistakes are extremely important for Google (and the rest of the search engines).

That's why our SEO team is all born and raised and lives in the US (our SEO manager lives in Idaho and loves the cold weather. 

And one last thing, these days Google's algorithm is based heavily on AI. This means Google thinks like a human. This is why design elements on your website such as sliders, images, videos, colors, accessibility, and even the context and amount of texts can hurt your search results ranking.

Unlike any other SEO service, we let you know if you have problematic elements design and /or accessibility issues that can affect your search results ranking.

With a limited budget, Dino and his team made my company ranked in the top three on Google,

in a very competitive industry

Rami Vardi, Owner, Spectrum King LED


Since working with D Branding I've seen my organic traffic grow and convert to sales

month over month

Kate Manson, Owner, Tarot CBD

Over the years, we've helped many businesses earn much more traffic and sales from SEO, and to be totally honest with you, I want to increase my amazing SEO team's paycheck. Not even one client unhappy in 5 years of us working together says a lot.

So next month the price of our monthly SEO services is going up BUT before the price goes up I want to offer my past clients and subscribers the same great SEO services for the old price of only $850, yes, we are definitely talking about the best SEO services under $1000!

Not to be too techie, our SEO work is made of elements you see and elements you don't, from the text on your website to the actual code your website is built of.

Our tasks are ongoing in order to continually maximize the ROI you get from our services.

I am so proud of our SEO team so I must show you a few examples of the outstanding job they do for our clients.


One of this client's SEO strategy needs was to grow wholesale deals. The team immediately started working on that and below you can see the results after only one month. As you can see we brought to the website visitors who are interested in wholesale deals. More than that, look at the change in ranking including two search terms to #1 ranking and three #2 (that's first rankings on the first page of Google!)

SEO performance one month.jpg

Below is another example clients love our SEO service.

This is a quarterly report where you can see the client's online shop sales and visitors' sessions. 


Both online sales and sessions from search engines (SEO) are higher than in the previous period. Sales from SEO grew by 15% and the number of sessions directly from SEO is up by 20%.

This client paid $2,550 a quarter for our SEO services and made $128,289. What would you say about this ROI?


SEO statistics.jpg

Now, let's take a look at the SEO results we achieved for an entrepreneur with her small plant-based online shop. 

From December to May, she spent $5,100 on SEO services and scored $9,676 directly from search engines results.

It might not be a lot but it's a very nice positive ROI. Try to spend $850 a month on Google or Facebook ads and let me know if you even broke even.

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