Brand Audit

What we check:

  • Is there a clear brand personality
  • Is there focus on a specific customer base
  • Does the brand personality fit the customer base
  • Is there a clear value proposition
  • Are the brand's value and porpuse clear
  • Is the brand's DNA clear
  • Is the website aligned with the brand
  • Is the brand personality unified in all touch points
  • Are all touch points being used, and if so are they being used according to the brand's DNA
  • Are all marketing collateral used in accordance to the brand's DNA
  • Are all marketing activities fit the brand's personality and the customer base

*This is basic audit, contact us if you want a more comprehensive audit tailored to your business size and goals



Brand Audit

  • The number one reason for low sales or brand awareness is misalignment between the brand and the target customers.

    Not addressing this issue and understand what needs to be fixed in your brand and marketing activities affect your sales and usually ends up with negative cash flow and debt.

    The audit process is to go over your logo, your identity system, every touch point you have with your customers: website, packaging, ads, flyers, automated emails, retargeting ads, POS, customer support, social media posts, newsletters and other collateral to see if there is a cohesive Brand Personality that is communicated the right way in order to grab the right customer base for your business growth.

    At the end of this brand, you will get a full report with your brand's score, and action items to fix your brand. 


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