Why Showing Up Is So Important For Your Business Growth During COVID19?

A few years ago I worked with coach Natalie Levy. She really helped me to get clarity and motivation with my business so I thought it would be great to have a chat with her about business, marketing, and social media in times of COVID19 so hopefully some of you will get inspired.

You can watch the whole video chat by clicking the video above, and you can read some highlights below.

Natalie describes herself as a coach for women who want to launch their passion project, she is passionate about personal branding and community-building as the founder of the Babes Who Brunch Club, an event series for women and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and Big Dreams.

I myself work more with B2B - businesses and companies, while Natalie is more of a coach helping private people and entrepreneurs build their business, so she is more in the B2C realm. But what we found out is that when you talk about social media, marketing and sales, it's pretty much the same for both B2B and B2C. Because at the end of the day, it's all about people, it's one person trying to create a relationship with another person. "we think of a company as an entity to buy or invest in the product we try to sell to, while the reality is that there's a person on the other end that you have to deal with. We need to remember that companies are made up of people" says Natalie.

I remember the first days of social media, Facebook started with people but pretty fast brands and companies started having pages too. There was one thing very strange back than and the whole marketing community was baffled by - one of the biggest brands in the world - Coca-Cola had no success on social media back then. There was no engagement and very little interest from the public even though this is maybe the most well known brand name in the world. What we marketers found is that it is because Coca-Cola showed-up on social media like a business, like a company not like a person. All the company did on social media was to promote its products and that is why no one cared and no one engaged with the content. Only when Coca-Cola changed its social media strategy things have changed. So it is important to always show up like a person on social media, always show your brand personality.

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