What's the best way to utilize social media to grow your business?

Published on The Brand Whisperer Podcast: June 10, 2020

Social media is a great tool to grow your business, but most of us getting stuck at growing followers instead of actual clients, customers, or sales. That's where it gets hard.

But it's doable.

On this episode of The Brand Whisperer Podcast "master geek" and engagement booster Yifat Cohen talks about how to leverage social media to boost your brand, authority, and sales. Yifat has been geeking on social media for years and even used to speak for Google! So she knows a thing or two.

Dino: Hey, guys, I have Yifat Cohen with me today, the marketing and content girl from Texas!

Yifat: I want to call myself an engagement booster. How's that for that?

Dino: I like the engagement booster. Yeah, engagement is everything.

Yifat: It is everything. Right?

Dino: Yeah. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Yifat: So I have long history. Born and raised in Israel. Went to the Israeli Air Force, went backpacking in South America by myself for like eight months. Came back to Israel, became a journalist, did a meditation 10-day silent meditation called Vipassana. Have you heard about?

Dino: I remember those days when Vipassana was THE thing.

Yifat: And then right after I finished, my cousin from New York said, hey, if you ever want to come to the States, you know, you can stay with me. And I said, great, I'll be there in two weeks. And she said, didn't really mean that I'm going to Austin. I said, fine, I'll come to Austin. So I came to the States. I spent about six months in New York. Came down to Austin and went to the University of Texas. Graduated with honors. Got fired f