What's the best way to utilize social media to grow your business?

Published on The Brand Whisperer Podcast: June 10, 2020


Social media is a great tool to grow your business, but most of us getting stuck at growing followers instead of actual clients, customers, or sales. That's where it gets hard.

But it's doable.

On this episode of The Brand Whisperer Podcast "master geek" and engagement booster Yifat Cohen talks about how to leverage social media to boost your brand, authority, and sales. Yifat has been geeking on social media for years and even used to speak for Google! So she knows a thing or two.

Dino: Hey, guys, I have Yifat Cohen with me today, the marketing and content girl from Texas!

Yifat: I want to call myself an engagement booster. How's that for that?

Dino: I like the engagement booster. Yeah, engagement is everything.

Yifat: It is everything. Right?

Dino: Yeah. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Yifat: So I have long history. Born and raised in Israel. Went to the Israeli Air Force, went backpacking in South America by myself for like eight months. Came back to Israel, became a journalist, did a meditation 10-day silent meditation called Vipassana. Have you heard about?

Dino: I remember those days when Vipassana was THE thing.

Yifat: And then right after I finished, my cousin from New York said, hey, if you ever want to come to the States, you know, you can stay with me. And I said, great, I'll be there in two weeks. And she said, didn't really mean that I'm going to Austin. I said, fine, I'll come to Austin. So I came to the States. I spent about six months in New York. Came down to Austin and went to the University of Texas. Graduated with honors. Got fired from my first job while I was in in college. And now I'm like, thank you. All right. Cause I helped them build a company for like 12 people. I felt like that was my thing. Right? That's my company. I'm working nights, I'm investing... And then I get laid off. And I was like, you know what? I will never build a company for anyone ever again except myself.

So then we went through the whole network marketing route, which I hated. But because I hated it so much, I put it online. I built a website and sales started coming from the websites. And I'm like, this is nice.

And then Google opened up Google Plus in Beta and I was one of the first one hundred people to get invited there. So before on Facebook nobody cared about myself. I'm a total geek and my family couldn't care less about, you know, anything that I geek out about. And then Google came in and all of a sudden we're like geeking out. And then Google came out with hangouts and hangouts on air and I was one of the first one to get access in Beta.

Dino: Now, you actually create money for your clients. And it's all through engaging marketing, right? It's all through online.

Yifat: Right. I really believe that in our overly connected world, we're starving for connection.

And this epidemic really, really prove that, because before we were like overly connected, but nobody talked to each other. All of a sudden, people say you can't go out and hang out with your friends. What do we do? We zoom until the cows come home. Right? And all we need is like, I can't hug. I can't talk.

And so we sing to each other and we find ways to connect. And that's what's missing with technology. So if information was the problem, the cause of why people are stuck in broke and miserable and why suicide rates are so high, we wouldn't have any of these because all the information is already out there. Right. YouTube, Siri, Alexa, Quora. Right. What's missing is this type of connection that we have right now.

And so what I show my clients is I create that environment for them to go like, hey, let me help you face to face in real time with whatever issue that you have so that you can get a win. And after you start getting win, you go like, oh, this is fantastic. Now I can send you a funnel because I know I can do it. Before it was get my free, then get my $21.99, get my $57... and you're not supposed to get any solutions because you're supposed to go up and up and up and pay more and more and more.

Dino: Yeah I never liked it.

I try to be straightforward and direct as I can. And I got to say that it's part of how I work. I mean. I don't Hey, take this $15.99 and then a month from now it's$24.99 ... It's either gonna be free or you're gonna pay me. It's either this or that and it's totally OK - you can take as much free stuff that you want from me as many free PDF and workshops. But if you really want the job done you need to know that you need to invest in that. And I try to work with people who know that they need to invest in something if they want to create results right now.

Yifat: Yeah. It's a totally different mindset, isn't it.

You have the "do it yourself" which takes time which is fine because that's what you and I got here. Right? Right.

And then you have people who have done it themselves and go like, you know what? I don't want to do it anymore. And now I have more money than time. Let me buy some time. Pay someone else to do that stuff, and I'll just do the stuff that I want to do.

Dino: I really like helping people because I like to see the results. I think that's, you know, connected to my ego or whatever. And that's why I like to see results really fast. I think that that, you know, marketing is about supporting sales. And if your marketing is good, your sales is easier in a way that you don't need to push on being salsy, now because marketing is creating relationships and open things up, when first thing you do is trying to sell me, that will not work. It's like when you're dating - so you see someone at the bar, you look at her. You start to look with your eyes, then you start to talk try to get to know one another, and then, you know, maybe there is a case or not. And then you can start trying to sell me something, but base it on the fact that first you need to show me that I can trust you, you know your shit, stuff like that.

Yifat: Yeah. And that's why I think life is so great, because you can fake everything online. Now you can fake everything. So I think, the only way to really, really know is through live. You know, there was an article that just came out saying there's not gonna be large gatherings for a long, long time. So all those speakers who are relying on, you know, these big speaking engagements, it's not going to happen. So how do you connect with someone, you know from the stage like this face to face? You have to do lives and you have to connect with people.

Dino: So if I would ask you to give one thing that is a must or one tip that is a must you would say it's like videos?

Yifat: Yeah, totally. Yeah. For many, many reasons.

Dino: Why?

Yifat: So the first reason is that most content marketing is basically a guessing game. You don't know what people want so you guess. I see other people doing that, maybe I should do that... Then you go and you create a content and then you put some money behind it to see if there's interest or you're gonna see if anyone's listening to it. And if someone caught it, OK, I need to do more of that. But you're guessing. You don't really know.

You don't know what issues your audience is having because you're not talking to them. You're guessing. And so what happens? It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work to create all this content. And now you put it out there and you have to put a lot of money to see what kind works, and it goes on and on and on. Instead, open it up. Just talk to your people, to your followers. Have you seen Gary V doing it now? So he's back at home and he's doing Tea With Gary V and he goes on for like an hour, two hours sometimes he's bringing people in, answering questions and then taking that and turning that into content. So what happens? They build an emotional connection with him and they get support for that specific question that they have.

They feel special. Oh, my God, I'm with Gary.... He doesn't have to create any content, he got all the question from all the people that are watching him.

Dino: So if we're talking about social media and content and both of us are huge believers in content, since Linkedin got to be so big, too big I would say, there are so many Linkedin gurus and coaches and whatever, and everyone is about how to get leads from LinkedIn, how to grow your LinkedIn, and all that. And at the end of the day, all of them are just saying the same things, the same dos and don'ts that are pretty much, you know, just basically on the surface. Can you give us something that has more meat on the bone?

Yifat: Oh, no pressure, right?! So I would say do exactly what you're doing in real life. Focus on relationships, figure out that you don't need a billion subscribers to live a wealthy life. You know, that story of a thousand true fans? have a thousand true fans that only spend one hundred dollars with you a year you have a six figure salary.

Dino: That's right.

Yifat: So if your fees are about $5K, $3K, whatever, just calculate back how many clients do I need? You'll find that you don't need many, 10, 20 a year to actually leave a six figure life. So that's not much, that reduces the pressure - All right I don't need to grind. And the second thing is, I don't like this whole leads thing. I don't want leads I want clients.

So I don't care about how many leads you give me If none of them cares about me or is going to refer to or is going to do work with me. I don't care. So let's move away from this.

So instead of all that stuff, figure out who are the people that you can help. So if you're a hypnotherapist and you're helping people with hypnosis to stop smoking don't go to the hypnosis groups go to the smokers group and then what's happening in the group? Everybody's bitching. So what do you do? You come and go like, wow really? So what standing in your way? or just comment below the post, because nobody is commenting on nobody's else's stuff, everybody's busy posting. So you comments and then what happens? You move from the comments to the chat, from the chat to live video, phone call and then you go like, hey, you know, I've seen so many people complain about this in the group. Why don't we just do a quick live and I'll help you solve that, you know, on the fly. You're not selling, you're positioning yourself as the authority. You're actually helping someone.

You have to have a destination, right? OK, so this was step one. Here is my report. Here is my thing here. Like, you have to have people will want to work with you.

I go live every other Thursday with really, really amazing people that are very difficult to get through but you can come and speak with them on my show completely free in real time.

Dino: And I got to say, I was on one of those and I actually asked questions and it really opened up some stuff in here. I gotta say, it was really cool. Very chill. And I, I really think, you know, everyone should go there. You will find something that will make you go hmmmm.

I love the fact that we actually touched on specific tips. And I think that you brought up some really great things that all of you can just do right now to turn your business around.

I love it. Thank you so much. .

Yifat: Thanks for having me.


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