What is brand's community

You probably heard the word "community" a lot lately on marketing magazines or articles. So why is a community so important to marketing? The short answer is because we are a highly social animal and want to belong.

In a world where there is so much of the same, people buy because it makes them feel part of a tribe. Even if you don't feel it, If you buy Nike, subconsciously, you feel you are part of something. The shoes we wear, the car we drive, the phone we use tell others something about us. Sad as it may be, in a way, it defines us (at least on the first impression).

If you want to increase sales and deepen brand awareness, your company/product/service needs to be part of a community, it needs to serve a community of customers.

Define this community is part of building a brand, and understanding how to work with your brand's community is a never-ending marathon. Here is an example of how to connect with the community and show the brand is part of it by utilizing a touchpoint.

One of our clients, Spectrum King, is a leading LED grow light company. In the Cannabis growers industry, community and trust are very important (remember it is still somewhat of an "outlaw" industry). Part of Spectrum King brand's pillars is that the company started by a grower looking to save on electricity bills.

I was looking for as many ways to tell this brand's story as it shows more than anything how much Spectrum King is part of the growers' community.

One of the places was the "thank you" email sent automatically to each buyer on the website. Pretty much all e-commerce businesses just use the "Thank you for your purchase" text, I on the other hand, believed it's a perfect place for the brand's story - there is a personal letter from the founder of Spectrum King, telling the buyer the story of how he started the business when he grew in his garage, and how happy he is to have the buyer as a member of the family.

Use any touchpoint you can to enhance brand personality

Another great opportunity to enhance brand experience and remind the community the brand is all about them was to change the old hangtags on the products. The products are shipped each with a 5"x5" hangtag on. As you can see below, the old hangtag had lots of good intentions, but the design was threatening and very busy. This hangtag is the first thing buyers see when they open the box, and this design evokes bad emotions. I wanted the buyers to have positive emotions when they open the box. The answer was to create better design, better details and a sense of community. The first text on the new hangtag makes you feel great about yourself and the brand.

Make sure your customers feel they are part of something

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