What is brand positioning and how to use it to grow sales?

Brand positioning is how your business different than the competition, it's where you want your business or product, or even your own personal brand, to be placed in your potential customer's mind.

In the video below Dino H Carter goes over what is brand positioning and why it is important for your business. Since brand positioning is such a critical aspect of branding and supporting your business growth, Dino uses two examples so you can understand there are many options to position your brand.

When you work on your branding or rebranding, you define your brand and your customers in such a way that you are very clear about your customer base, what values your business gives to this customer base and how you want your customer base to feel and think about your business or product.

You can click here for a free worksheet that will help you define your brand and customer base so you can build your brand positioning.

Once you have your brand positioning you use it to boost your sales. As Dino shows in the video, this saves you time and efforts by enabling you to use all your touch points in a very focused and targeted way in order to increase sales. From a sales call to an up-sell automated email or a Facebook ad, working in alignment with your brand positioning will increase your sales, drive high quality traffic to your website and grow customer retention.


Dino is having a special master class on April to teach business owners how to have the right brand positioning and how to use it to grow their sales. The space on this event is limited up to 20 business people, if you want to be one of those, click here to register.

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