What is brand DNA and how big companies use it (or fail to use it)

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

What is brand NDA and why it's important? Just like humans, a brand has DNA, which is what makes it unique. The brand DNA is the brand's personality, the core of the brand that support the brand positioning - the elements, values, traits that make this brand different than others.

For long term growth, you should manage your business according to the brand DNA. This means using the brand a s a management tool. When you do that, you make sure that all your business activities, internal and external are aligned to it. Not only it makes decision making process in the organization easier - if it's not according to the brand, it's a no go - it creates higher brand equity which is an intangible asset that can actually be worth a lot of money.

This is true to any business, B2C or B2B. In Gregory and Sexton's 16-years study of B2B businesses, they found that for B2B companies, the brand equity is responsible for, on average, 7% of stock performance!

In the video below, brand expert Dino H Carter will show how some big brands use their brand DNA and achieve success, while other big brands fail to use it and suffer the consequences. Learn how well-known companies such as Target, Old Navy, GAP, or Victoria's Secret, use the brand as a management tool or sometimes fail to adapt, change, or improve their brand's values and personality as times are changing.

Before you can use your brand DNA, you need to build the elements that create the DNA - your brand personality. Your brand personality should differ your business in a way that is valuable to a specific customer base. Your values, tone, look & feel, promise, purpose are the DNA elements that are your brand's identity. Just like one person with one personality do, think, talk, look in a different way and another person do, think, talk, and look different, so you can be with your business, otherwise your brand is in dissonance, which ends up in business failure.

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