Uber's new logo

Branding can solve business problems, and Uber has lots of those. From the problematic previous CEO to not paying their drivers what is legal.

Brands are like people, they can and should evolve, grow, change. The company works very hard to change the brand's personality to better match the target customers, and it's all fall under REBRANDING.

Rebranding is not only new logo design, it's a whole new system of values, of feelings Uber wants us to feel and connect to, so we will use Uber more.

Over the years Uber has changed from the black cars upscale service the brand started as, to a mobility brand. The black cars service was awesome and amazing and different and fresh, which is why Uber changed the way we mobile and think of getting from one point to the other these days. Now, after the Uber revolution, the company sees itself as much more than just a shared ride service, it is a global mobility company, and as one, the rebrand is about trust, friendliness, openness, and movement.

On top the new Uber logo, bottom is the old one
Uber's new and old logo

Nothing new with this concept or the execution, nowadays these are the "bon ton" of brand's values, other brands and companies such as Google and AirBnb already implemented the same change with the style of font, not so long ago on this blog we wrote about the Ogilvy rebranding which was about openness as well.

The new logo and font system, called Uber Move, is a right move by Uber, not sure if the right execution, but this is not really as important as the real issues, moves and activities Uber should take or make.

Design is good and important, values are crucial, but if the brand doesn't stand behind them and does not show it's personality is real, all the best design and sacred values are useless. The implementation, the manifestation is more important.

Just today you could see Uber campaign on Instagram with the old logo, which is a huge "no no". Same goes for the logo on the app store that as of this morning was still the old highly ununderstood sign, which by the way, was one of the reasons for the need of a new logo.

The brand has a lot of trust issues and it is perceived, at least here in the US, as corrupt and not honest. Before they try and change the outsiders perspective and gain their trust, the brand must first gain the trust of the drivers and the whole world should witness that, otherwise, this rebranding will not go far.

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