The death of digital advertising

The world of advertising is changing, research on eMarketer shows that US digital ad spending will surpass traditional ad spending in 2019.

This is just one of the things indicating both our society and the world of commerce are changing. Not that it is surprising in any way. 

The surprising thing is that there is still a distinction between “digital advertising” and “traditional advertising”. Advertising is advertising no matter what the media or the platform is. The digital realm and the physical one are part of the same: the world of commerce. There is no reason to distinguish between the two, digital advertising and traditional are the same: advertising.

If an ad is on a mobile device it's advertising just like it is if an ad is on TV or a magazine. We are not in 1998 anymore, wake up people.

Advertising is advertising
Advertising is advertising

Our society is changing because technology is changing and the speed of change is growing exponentially. We, as humans are finding it hard to accept and feel the change mainly the older we get. That’s why youngsters always know about new technology and use it much earlier than their parents. I have clients that are still surprised they get so many orders from mobile devices.  Depends on the product, more and more commerce is happening on mobile, same goes to search and information gathering. In the near future, a growing percentage of sales will happen through voice (ie Alexa), and even more futuristic scenario that is already happening is commerce by machines, when a sale is made between machines without having any human making a decision to buy - the refrigerator's AI sends an order to Amazon's AI for milk (probably almond milk lol).

The idea is to embrace change.

As marketers and business owners we must embrace the change, we must look forward.

Now, with the progress of AI, and the fact a brand has so many touchpoints and ways to interact with the end users via different platforms, marketers should utilize all this ammunition. The most effective way is to use each touchpoint in a way that suits both the medium and the consumer of said content. For instance, location based mobile ad is great for hard sale, while a magazine ad is great for brand awareness. Advertising agencies used to try and sell sell sell any way possible, through magazine ads, TV ads and so on. In the new world it is just wrong! Not all media are the same, so don’t use them the same way.

Toyota is a company that understands this concept and embraces change. The company recently announced it will change the advertising concept. No more the same ad everywhere, TV ads will be more for brand awareness, while hard sale ads will be on other media. In addition, the company will use AI to target specific ads for different users. This is the right way to advertise in the new world. In this way every marketing Dollar Toyota invest will have better ROI because it is not wasted on the wrong media, trying to generate an outcome this media can’t produce.

The development in advertising outlets and AI can help you not only have a real holistic approach to market your product or service, but the opportunity to utilize marketing budget much better. By aligning your ads with the audience on one hand, and the media on the other, you can make each marketing dollar worth more.

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