SEO is still the most cost-effective marketing tool

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

SEO, search engine optimization, has been a great marketing tool for many years, actually from day one. Since 1997 SEO is still the most cost-effective marketing step. It used be very expensive a decade ago and since than great SEO doesn't cost much but it brings a lot of good traffic and sales to your website. Any website!

When the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted the offline businesses and brick & mortar shops, the growth of life and commerce online expended exponentially. If the world was digital before COVID, it is now a digital-first world. During these stressful times, digital marketing has proved to be a rescue force for many companies struggling with their advertising budgets and revenue streams. But at the same time, the pandemic also drove the competition among companies to invest a bigger part of their marketing budget in online marketing.

Now it is necessary for companies to increase their online presence in order to grow and thrive while competitors are quickly catching up with them. At a time like this, when other businesses also want their share of customers' attention, the only thing to do is get as many people to find you!

And while there are many ways of achieving success through internet marketing, there is one extremely unique and inexpensive yet often overlooked strategy that can produce you a great ROI. take a free audit.

92.96% of global traffic comes from Google search, Google Images, and Google Maps.


Yes, you got that right, Consumers today rely on search engines to find everything starting from places to eat to B2B software providers. Hence, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy today.

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.


The idea of SEO is that when people have a search query, when they ask Google or Alexa something, they get a list of answers ranked by relevancy. How many results do you usually look at before you click on one?

Do you even mind browsing through the 2nd page?

Only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page.


That’s where Optimization plays its role.

HubSpot’s research shows that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. The higher the ranks the more chances for it to reach the right audience.

Results on page 1 of Google (The Top 10) receive 92% off all search traffic on Google. Traffic drops by 95% on page 2.

Search Engine Watch

SEO is a powerful tool that can help your business reach your target audience by growing your online presence. This strategy has been around for years and with time it has proven its worth. Without SEO, it can be difficult for small businesses with limited or no budget to rank on that coveted first page.

Why should small businesses invest in SEO long-term results?

Alas, this key has not been unlocked by a lot of businesses yet. According to a new survey from The Manifest, only 30% of small businesses use search engine optimization (SEO).

When it’s even more important for them as organic search rankings establish trust and credibility among the audience. High rankings imply authority.

Without it, businesses may not reach their target audience because people won’t be able to find their products and services.

The fact only 3 out of 10 businesses use SEO is one of the reasons so many businesses, small and medium, are far from their desired income. Working with businesses making $500K to $9,000,000 we've seen it time and time again - no SEO - which means much less website visitors and online sales than they can have.

Organic search results get about 20 times more traffic than PPC ads. And it doesn’t cost anything close to as much, so there’s still a massive advantage to ranking organically.



SEO for Big Companies

If you want your company to succeed in today's digital world, then you need SEO on your side. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been in the game for years - this strategy will work wonders for any size of business. On the exterior, the goal of SEO is to improve your website’s search rank. But on the inside, a higher search rank is used to attract more traffic or ideally to convert that traffic into revenues.

Up to 80% of people ignore Google-sponsored ads.

Search Engine Land

On average businesses spend about $1 million on ads each year, attracting organic traffic, however, is free! You may have to pay for SEO services (which can be under $1000) but that isn’t nearly as expensive as pay-per-click.

Organic search closes at nearly 15 percent, while paid search closes at less than 2 percent.

The Daily Egg

Besides, no matter what kind of company you are running or how much money is required for ad campaigns; getting that free payola from Google with a little bit of creativity will always win the rounds when compared against developing content and promotional efforts yourself at an extremely high cost.

The best part is you don't need fancy computer skills, big bucks, and expensive marketing campaigns to start ranking high on Google.

Now that you know how crucial SEO is for your business, let’s talk about the biggest mistakes companies make while optimizing their websites.

The Biggest Mistakes Brands and Businesses make in SEO

SEO is a complicated discipline. Most businesses think they can do it without the expertise and that’s when they end up making some of the biggest mistakes.

Here are some of the common mistakes companies make while doing SEO themselves:

Thinking SEO is only a one-time and done thing.

NO. SEO is constantly evolving. Many think if they had an SEO team to work on their website for a month three years ago that’s it, the website or online shop is optimized and good to go. BUT NO. Effective SEO is an ongoing monthly activity.

Thinking it’s about repetition of search terms and outsmarting Google.

WRONG! This is not true and will get you further from being ranked high on Google. SEO combines a number set of tools, best practices that evolve occasionally, and constantly adjusting to Google updates.

Optimizing only the titles and copy would make your business rank high.

Google’s algorithm changes all the time which means your website needs to change accordingly too - from the copy to the design. These days, the accessibility and usability of your website are as important as the title tags and copy.

Thinking it’s all about the text on your website.

Yes, the copy of your website is important. Both the amount of content and the use of relevant search terms, but many extremely important elements affect your website’s ranking on search engines. Hidden elements are the code and settings of your website, such as title tags, meta descriptions that must be addressed in a specific way, the amount of text, and even the context of your website's copy. Google now works more with AI than in the past which means it ranks based on human-like-thinking.

The good part is that an extremely effective SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot. Pssst… You also don’t need to worry about keeping up with SEO trends. You can leave that to us, while you focus your time and energy on the core of your business!

Last month we generated more than 100% ROI on sales from search to a client. Our clients see constant growth of traffic and sales from our SEO work.

Here is what one of our clients has to say about our SEO work:

And here are two screenshots from another real client. You can see in the screenshots below the traffic and sales from search.

SEO results
SEO traffic and sales results

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