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Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Roger stone is the man behind a lot of the Republican party's propaganda over the years. He is a smart man who knows you can brand and position anything, from a political candidate to a proposition. Stone is the guy who got Reagan to win the presidency in 1980. This win is a great example of building a brand focused at the right target customers. In order to win the election, there was a need to take democrat voters and make them change their minds and vote Reagan. If there is anything close to impossible in modern propaganda is to change one's political view, let alone one's vote in the election. It is a psychological and sociological element very similar to why someone has specific religion belief. Both religion believe, and political views are the outcome of what family you were born to and the kind of household you grew up in.

Roger Stone and Ronald Reagan
Roger Stone and Ronald Reagan. Photo by Getty Images

Stone, who had the drive of a Sherman tank, understood that the Blue collar Catholic Democrat voter is the one Reagan needs in order to win. He defined the exact voter Reagan needed - mid America, mid economic, blue collar, second or third generation catholic. After defining the customer that will get him to achieve his goals he built the Reagan this voter profile wants. He built a brand that will change these specific demographic political views. These people will ditch the Democrat party and will vote Republican for the presidency. Why? Because they FEEL Ronald Reagan believes in the same things they believe in, because they feel he shares the same values they have.

Donald Trump's Campaign
Candidate Donald Trump in 2015. Photo by Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images

It worked for Roger Stone once, then why not do it again? The political climate and social scenery of 2016 America were fertile for the exact same shtick. Stone knew it and after working for years pushing Trump to run for president, now it's the perfect time with a perfect candidate to play the same tactics. Just like a great NBA player, he played the same offence that worked before. It's all about the target audience, the customers the brand needs to achieve the goals. The mid America, Catholic, Blue collar Americans, including Latinos and African Americans, who supposed to vote democrats. They already have a perception of Donald Trump from his super successful show The Apprentice and from years of building a very specific persona through media use. Kind of the same persona/brand Mitt Romney tried to go with but couldn't deliver on back in 2012. He couldn't build a strong enough brand, he should have work on it and make his brand solid years before the election run, that's why he lost.

With the right repetition and use of the same vocabulary as Raegan, such as "make America great again", a lot of negative propaganda about Hillary Clinton and so on, Roger Stone planted a belief in the target market's brain: "This successful businessman Trump, the guy with the hit TV show, believes in what I believe," they thought and that's how Trump won the election. This is branding at it's best! Define the right customer, build the right brand for them and execute!

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