Ogilvy Rebrand

70 years old huge ad agency Ogilvy, has restructured its operation and went through a massive rebranding. This is not the place to start and explain what is the restructure all about and which department merged to which, the idea is that the world of communications, marketing and advertising has changed dramatically and the company had to adapt.

This is true. Things have changed, but as a huge worldwide agency, you should have understand and change a few years ago, not close to the end of the first decade of the new millennia. But better late than never, right? If looking at the core of things, the idea of the restructure is simplicity. Ogilvy was very 90's in mind when it comes to structure. I remember when this trend happened, and agencies merged, the bon ton at the time was to show how big and strong agency you are by having a PR agency, strategy agency and so on, instead of being one cohesive unit. Now, in a much complex world of marketing with so many things that needs to be done to promote, position and sell, they have decided to go with simple.

A change like this requires a rebrand. If the company is going through a dramatic structural change, rebranding is in order. The smartest thing Ogilvy done was to get an outside company do the rebrand. The New York & San Francisco based company Collins is responsible for the rebrand and I think they did a really great job! A lot of thought went into this project. There are both small or subtle changes such as the new Pantone of red and the new font, and big changes in the whole colorful and connected identity - a much open, fun and contemporary persona executed very smart and on point. The new brand is simple, younger and transparent, which goes hand in hand with the new structure of the company.

Then and now

The new Ogilvy logo

Click here to see the whole presentation of the project on Collins' website

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