Joe Rogan Podcast Is Now Exclusive On Spotify

So! #Spotify and #JoeRogan what a great #branding step by Spotify. Why do I say it's branding? Well, Spotify's goal is to be the biggest name in #audio not in #music but in audio. Spotify wants people to think about Spotify when they want to listen to something, anything.

That is Spotify's #BrandStrategy - to create a specific thought or emotion in people's brain, heart, or gut is the essence of branding. I know many of you think that branding is designing logo, or packaging and such, but it's just a common misconception. Logo design or packaging #design is exactly what it is: designing. it is the manifestation of the brand. Your logo is NOT your brand.

The #monopoly strategy of Spotify means spending hundreds of millions on acquiring platforms and content #exclusivity because Spotify's desired outcome is to grow market share exponentially.

Buying some of the biggest, most searched for podcasts such as #TheJoeRoganPodcast is the #implementation of Spotify's brand strategy.

I do think this M&A spree is highly expensive but when you want people not to think about#iTuneswhen they think about audio you need to pay the price...

What would you do if you were Spotify?

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