How to maximize sales with no paid ads

Google just announced it's changing its privacy policies on all its platforms and in addition, will stop websites and campaigns that will use cookies on its Chrome browser.

This means that getting high ROI and great results from your ad campaigns will be a thing of the past. Whether you use Google ads, YouTube ads, and by 2022 any other ads on Google Chrome (the most popular browser), if there are no cookies or tracking pixels it will be harder to show the right ads to the right people in order for you to get visitors to your website and grow your online sales.

Cookies and pixels track your activity online: websites you visit, ads you look at and click on (or don't click on), videos you watch, email you send, songs you listen to, chats you have online or over the phone, your location, everything you buy online, and so on.

Check out the video below

So how can you grow online revenues without being dependent on paid ads?

There are a few things you can do but the most important ones are online marketing activities you should do regardless of running paid campaigns or not.

These are extremely inexpensive marketing initiatives that will always grow your sales. When done right. Here are the most important three things you can do to maximize sales with no paid ads:

  1. SEO

  2. Sales-first web design

  3. Automated emails

You probably heard the terms SEO many times, it's short for Search Engine Optimizations. Without being too techy it means to optimize your website in many different ways, seen and unseen, so your website will rank high on search engine results.

Without SEO people will never find your website, will never know about your products.

Sales-first design means that your website or online shop's design is all about making sure to convert visitors to buyers. Your online shop can be the most beautiful one in the whole world but if it's not sales oriented you will not make sales.

My clients see 30%-45% growth in traffic and sales from search engines. And good SEO doesn't have to be expensive. Look at the client in the video below, her SEO fees are only about $800 a month.

Emails are huge when it comes to growing sales. Not only newsletters, but mainly automated emails for retention and lost sales. 67% of your online shop's visitors will not buy. Even if they will add products to cart, most of them will not complete the order. So you are leaving money on the table, or let's face it - you are losing money instead of making money.

This is where automated emails come in place. These emails are triggered by behavior such as leaving your online shop without completing an order. An email will be sent to remind the visitor to complete the order. When done right using a series of emails with the right copy, the right design and the right timing, these automated emails will grow your revenues by tens of percentage.

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