What is brand experience and How to enhance it?

Brand experience is the key to develop a deeper relationship with your customers. If you will stop "selling products" and start "selling experience", both your customer retention and customer acquisition will grow.

There are many different ways and facets to work on brand experience, from the brand's POS or pop-up shop, to social media content, emails, and text messages.

Take a look at the video below, of the late Steve Jobs giving a tour of the first Apple Store, sometime on 2001.

Apple stores were different than other stores, and are still about selling an experience, not selling products. Do you think if Apple stores were designed as regular computer or electronics shops they would sell as many products?

Another way to create brand experience is VR. With VR you can enhance brand experience tremendously since it is so realistic and defies any geographic barriers the customers might have. Patron, the tequila brand, utilizing VR through a virtual visit to the distillery to watch the process, explore the agave fields used for the production of the beverage and so on.

Make your customer feel is the name of the game. Everything with branding is about feelings, and the human senses are the way to generate feelings.

Applebee's Grill & Bar used the ASMR trend on YouTube in a way that is perfect for the brand and meat lovers all around.

Wendy's tried to take this to a different place and created a series of stories to match the flavors of the drinks they serve, and they even made trailers for them. The numbers of engagement and exposure generated are very low for a brand as big as Wendy's. Maybe the reason for that hides in the saying "know your audience"- if your audience is teenagers, don't try to target them with reading material, because teenagers don't like to read.

KFC made a funny video for Mother's Day promoting the book Tender Wings Of Desire by Colonel Sanders (I can't write this with serious face on lol) which you could download from Amazon and even write reviews. This creative marketing activity generated a much better number than Wendy's.

Brand experience by KFC
KFC book for Mother's Day

It's important to find not only interesting and innovative sensory ways create brand experience, but to do it with alignment to the brand's personality.

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