How to brand cannabis. An interview with Dino H Carter on the AICA podcast

As the cannabis industry grows, not only in the USA, but all over. More and more cannabis products and cannabis companies need good branding.

This raises some questions such as what are the elements of good branding? Is cannabis branding any different than other branding?

Listen to this interview with Dino H Carter of D Branding to understand how branding actually works in general and what you need to think in order to build a strong cannabis brand. In this podcast interview Dino will supply you with some tips that will help you create any brand, but mainly how to create a cannabis brand. How to do branding for a cannabis business? Dino H Carter is a brand expert and worked with different brands inside and outside the USA. In this guest interview on the AICA podcast, he talks about launching the French luxury rolling papers OCB in Israel, and other stories and branding tips for every business, and cannabis businesses especially.

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