Have you heard how Kanye West's tweet was fire grilled by Burger King?

Not long ago we blogged about Wendy's social media practices. This time we'd like to tell you about Burger King's, and about one short tweet from Kanye West.

Most businesses have a Twitter account but they don't use it right. You should NOT have a social media outlet just for the sake of having it. The best way to use social media is to not only use the social media outlets that are right for your target customers, but be on social media outlets your fit to your brand's marketing activities. If you don't have enough good content to be tweeting many times a day, your business shouldn't have a Twitter account.

Your content and marketing is an execution of your brand, so don't be afraid to rock the boat or be authentic and in-your-face if this is part of your brand personality. No reason to be afraid of being straightforward if you are a "burger joint" and Burger King's online marketing practices are a fine example.

Kanye West, one of the biggest names in culture today, tweeted ‘McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant’. This tweet is priceless for McDonalds, and it's not the only time West tweeted about the Mac. He started a few years back including posting photos of him in his Lambo, getting food at McDonald's drive-through, then he wrote a poem about McDonald's and so on.

This online relationship helped McDonald's sales and brand sentiment grow over the last two years. Needless to say, it didn't really help arch-rival Burger King.

McDonald's – Consumer Sentiment Score
McDonald's – Consumer Sentiment Score

But this time Burger King, that has been roasting McDonald's on social media a lot over the last year, decided to act. Burger King UK retweeted ‘explains a lot’.

This is just huge! It's not just an answer to a tweet, it's taking a very specific stand.

You can't answer a tweet like that, you can't retaliate a tweet like this and think you'll win!! How well did it work?

By the time this post is written, the engagement score is more than 1 Million likes and more than 270K retweets for Burger King's tweet, while Kanye's got only 280K likes and just a tad over 69K retweets!!

That's how you utilize social media, that's how you execute your brand personality in social media. All businesses should learn from Burger King and Wendy's how important it is to have a strong brand strategy with a clear and deep brand personality.

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