Heinz Ketchup Corona Lockdown Puzzle

#COVID19 makes you and your family falling to pieces?

#Heinz came up with a great #lockdown #boredom fix for you, your family or friends. Depends who you are #coviding with.

This puzzle is a great branding and marketing initiative. The most important reason is that it is #OnBrand which means it communicates some of the brand DNA and personality traits. Both Heinz Ketchup and the puzzle are fun and fit everyone regardless of their age, gender or any other #demographics and #psychographics which is the personality of the #HeinzKetchup brand.

From a pure marketing activity perspective, it's a great out of the box thinking on advertising in time when people are at home, billboards are pretty useless right now, more than that, people are not sitting in restaurants where they see the product everywhere, AND people watch less traditional TV now so TV ads is not a smart move.

But a puzzle with only the brand's color is a great way to bring the brand into your home! it's something you will keep in your house, and more than that, it creates memories and shared moments which is the cornerstone of #EffectiveMarketing

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