Case study: Increasing sales and traffic using newsletter

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Having low traffic and sales on your website or online shop is a well known problem. Maybe you, or someone you know have this issue with their business. If you do, you know it gets even more frustrating when you send newsletters to hoping they will go to the website and buy. Sometimes it works for the first or second newsletter, but usually, it doesn't.

Our client, Los Angeles based fashion label Kinetix, had this exact problem. After more than 10 years in the fashion business, online sales where in an all time low. Here is how we saved our client's online sales:

Our research showed deep issues with the label's online marketing practices and a deep problem with email marketing.

As a fashion label that has been around for years, it has a good list of subscribers and newsletters are being sent to this list, but the rate and click rate of the newsletters were extremely low, which resulted in almost non existing direct sales from the newsletters.

Our brand expert and the owner of D Branding, Dino H Carter, had a discovery & clarity session with the stakeholders in Kinetix to work and define the Kinetix brand personality. Dino's second step was to build a content strategy, and then teach the kinetix team the best tactics and practices for successful email marketing.

Dino's work showed immediate clear results! 

The first email sent with Dino's directions, based on the brand and content strategies he created for the client had 11.2% open rate and 1.9% click rate. 

As you can see in the image below, this is after generating an extremely low open rate for well over a year.

How we doubled newsletter open rate and clicks
The immediate results of our work - almost double open rate and clicks

The third email generated 2.1% click rate which amounted to direct sales that covered our fees.

Since Dino worked and teach the team how to use the brand strategy to create better newsletters, the team at Kinetix know how to create great conversion newsletters, which generate a steady stream of direct income.

Generate steady income of newsletters
Not only higher open rate, more sales! 4 out of 5 newsletters generated orders

As you can see in the image above, the company, which had a single digit open rate for almost two years, now has a solid and consistent two digits open rate!

"It's the highest open rate we ever had!" says happily owner Blayne Siegel

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