Branding new Cannabis product

Straight & Roll is a Canadian company that asked to create a brand around a novelty product for the rapidly growing Medical Cannabis users base - rolling papers, filters, grinder and a poach in one folding pack the size of a regular rolling papers package.

The client had only two objectives for us. We had to create full branding including identity system, product artwork, packaging, in both a Cannabis oriented and non-Cannabis versions, all with a limited budget.

A very challenging project to say the least.

We have experience working with the Cannabis industry and decided to differentiate the brand by creating a very rock n' roll personality with coolness tone and vibe.

It's bold, unapologetic & straightforward. 

On the Cannabis version, we used a Cannabis leaf as part of the design, while on the non-Cannabis one, a skull is used instead.

In addition, we wanted to have more than the logo as the main, or pivotal component of the branding and created a rock woman portrait which is very street, Kat Von D style, to catch the attention of customers of all genders at the POS. This move was a great success since this portrait does grab a lot of attention already.

Packaging design. Cannabis and non-Cannabis versions

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