Multi world, multi touchpoints

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

We live in a "multi world" - multi channel, multi device...

A brand touches customers at more points than ever.

As Michelle Greenwald writes on Forbes "customer touchpoints are all the different ways consumers experience a product or service, from when they first become aware of it, until they dispose of it."

The problem is most companies don't master working with all touchpoints.

Touchpoints are great for establishing a brand's personality and strengthen brand experience. I think having far more touchpoints than ever is a good thing because it means the brand has more opportunities to make a "good impression" on customers. This is a way to show who the brand is and create specific thoughts and emotions at the customer's brain, both for customers journey and customers nurturing.

Just a few brand touchpoints

Never mind how big your company is, you should attention to its touchpoints. The most common issue I see again and again is inconsistent logo use - It might sound basic but there are still companies where each employee uses a different email signature with different logo size and info.

If you are into classic cars and been to any Concours d'Elegance (the most prestige classic cars competition) you know that the small details are the most important and one little screw can cost you the grand prize. Same goes for branding. Everything must be consistent and cohesive. For example, if you changed the logo, you can't have the new logo on the packaging while the old logo is on the products, or use the new logo on the website, emails, social media and newsletters, but continue using the old logo on brochures and how to install guides. This creates some kind of confusion at the customer's brain, and branding is all about what happens at the customer's mind, and if there is , even the slightest confusion or negativity, it might cost you a customer. The second most common unused tactic you can start using today is utilizing automated emails sent as part of an e-commerce transaction. You know those emails: order confirmation email, order shipped email and so on. As part of creating a community sense for a client in the Cannabis industry, we changed the order confirmation email laconic text from "Your order has shipped" to a cool paragraph signed by the founder of the company, about how much he is happy to have you, the customer, as another member of the family. In addition, we created a hang tag with community and family oriented line.

You can understand the difference in emotions these changes create at the customer's mind.

So make a list of all your brand's touchpoints and see how you can use them.

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