Brand Promise and Delivery

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

I’d like to take a moment and talk about brand promise and delivery.

I’m a coffee lover, and espresso is my thing. At home I have been using Nespresso capsules for close to 20 years. I love the brand; it's DNA and the continuous delivery on the brand's promise to be the highest quality Coffee pods. Last week I was at Nespresso boutique on Beverly Hills (yes, Nespresso do not have shops or stores, they have boutiques. Very smart branding element) I wanted to buy some pods and see if there are any new limited editions ( the limited editions are another smart branding move.) While I was there I noticed a few display stands showcasing something I didn’t know about until that moment: Nespresso & Victorinox Swiss Army collaboration: the Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife. Apparently, the two companies joined forces and came out with a limited edition Swiss Army Knife with an exterior texture made entirely from discarded Nespresso coffee pods! I love it! In this day and age, it is such a clever idea.

The Nespresso & Victorinox recycled Swiss Knife

The Nespresso & Victorinox recycled Swiss Knife. The thing that surprised me the most was that just two weeks ago I watched a video on Facebook about Nespresso polluting the environment, due to the huge amount of the brand's Aluminum capsules. Most people just throw the used capsules (or pods, whatever you call them) to the trash. We are talking about Millions of capsules sold every year. That's a lot of waste.

This environmental issue started to become a real problem for the brand around 2015. That's why sometime in 2016 Nespresso boutiques started offering a recycle bag so you can dispose your used Nespresso capsules into the bag and when it's full (after a few months of home use) you can hand it to your local UPS store and they will ship it free of charge so the company can recycle it. This was a smart and successful move by Nespresso. You need to remember that today more and more people are environmentally conscious and if you do not respond fast and smart, you will lose. That is why I was so glad to know the brand came up with the Victorinox Swiss Army collaboration as yet another step to show responsibility and fight this business problem.

You see, Nespresso's strategy has a roadmap that is built on three elements*: Creating Highest Quality Grand Cru Coffees Creating Long-lasting Consumer Relationships Creating Sustainable Business Success

All three are intertwine and support each other. The people at Nespresso are smart to understand that these three must go together. If you can deliver on the first one but not on the other two, you will not be successful for long, same goes for any other combination of the three. In order to have longevity, the brand must deliver on all three.

Nespresso invest a lot in marketing activities to support the environmental and sustainability sides of the brand. They have videos on youtube and initiatives here and there but if someone like me found out about the Swiss Army knife collaboration only now, after it has been out since mid 2017, something's not right! I went to Nespresso's YouTube channel and noticed that a video on the recycled Swiss Army knife was published only a couple of weeks ago! Same goes to Victorinox' YouTube channel, and Victorinox is a company that takes sustainability and recycling very seriously as well. The number of video views is very low consider.

Nespresso has the right strategy; the brand has a strong promise and the brand delivers.

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