INCREASing ONLINE SALES by 2x NEWSLETTERs open rate and click rate

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After an ongoing extensive decline in online sales, D Branding was able to turn things for 11 years old clothing brand by creating a content strategy and implement it in the company's newsletters.


After only four hours of teaching the in-house team how to use newsletters in a way that will convert to sales, we doubled the newsletters' open rate and created direct sales immediately.


Now, four out of five newsletters this clothing brand sends generate online sales!

Growing website traffic by increasing returning visitors more than 3x

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The ROI on returning visitors to an online shop can be 15X better than the ROI on first time visitors. The best way to do it is by using automated emails because it is a much cheaper approach then ad campaigns.


This client had automated emails in place but they didn't generate any returning visitors, let alone sales, so we crafted the right automated email sequences and optimized them.

We increased the number of returning visitors from 4.6% in February to almost 16% in May!


And they keep on returning. 

Saving website's lost sales while creating brand awareness

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With the vast saturation and competition in the cannabis industry, it is hard to sell high ticket items online.

Just like other e-commerce businesses, this company lost many sales due to interested visitors' abandonment.

To save those lost sales we created targeted abandonment email sequences triggered by behavior on the website and interaction with the emails.


We achieved an open rate of 45%-58% and continues sales.

These emails we set are responsible to about 46% of this client's online sales!

Growing website matrixes by more than 20% to increase sales

Homepage traffic mid Nov 2019.jpg

This Fin-Tech client had a problem as a service provider. The website's bounce rate was so high that almost all visitors to the website opt-out of it immediately.

This resulted in poor revenue generation in spite of high traffic to the website.

We created a tight brand strategy and backed it up with a highly specific content strategy. This resulted in better quality website visitors who stayed on the website for 2.5 minutes, much higher quality traffic, returned to the website and viewed twice as many pages. The strategy we implemented dropped the website's bounce rate by 35% which helped increase sales!

Two months later, this client scored a $14M investment.

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