Hourly marketing CONSULTANCY

In this one-on-one session, or sessions, we will go over your marketing plans for 2021 holiday season and make sure you make the best out of it!

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2021 Holiday Special!


"Working with Dino is eye-opening. He has vast knowledge and the right tools in many different aspects of marketing and business, his insights are results-oriented and most important - he delivers!

He made a few changes to our online shop and email marketing in one meeting, and immediately the numbers went up!"

Blayne Siegel - Owner of Kinetix Clothing


"Dino has such a unique and smart perspective, I was blown away. His thought process is so sharp and different, but it all makes sense I love the results. I am grateful for this experience."

Jamie Lynn Deieso - Owner: Healing Therapy LA


"Working with Dino is a great experience. He brings so much to the table and really helps find the best and most effective way to get better sales, through unique perception and in-depth understanding of marketing, business and design. I encourage every sales manager to work with him."

Roger Reitzel - Sales executive & Leadership expert

In our consultancy sessions together we will
build, and plan strategic vision, and methodology to build and use the right brand communications and use them in your marketing the right way for growth.
Work on your brand messaging and positioning in order to grow revenues.
Learn and understand marketing and branding so you can grow brand awareness, and strong impact using the right channels for your business: online, offline, social, etc.
Marketing tactics, tips, and strategies that will help you sell more.
And much more...

Define and oversee the execution of a holistic marketing strategy, including branding, positioning, and marketing collateral (e.g., website) as well as channel selection and overseeing content development.
Through a series of discussions, brainstorming meetings, and research I will be able to help the Bionic team come up with the right game plan that will convey the right message to the right people the right way.

Build a strategic vision and methodology for the right marketing initiatives
Align brand communications with brand strategy across all touchpoints
Define a clear brand
Find the perfect customer persona
for the product
Make sure the right people work on the project (designers, copywriters, etc.) and that collaborations go smoothly.
Grow brand awareness, and strong impact using the right channels and marketing tactics to create shorter sales cycles, lower acquisition costs, and generate inbound leads