Online Marketing and Sales That Work For You

And Really Grow Your Business 

A 3 stage program to help you boost online sales right now

When Your Online Marketing Will Be Set Right

Your Website Will Be A Real Cash Machine 

Sick of chasing down sales? Tired of always hustling on social media, newsletters and the rest with no real results? Can't make sense of the data to boost performance? Have you ever had an unbiased outside professional point the issues in your online marketing that are holding you back from success?

Or maybe you prefer to continue with the status quo even if you know you can be in a much better state?

CORONAVIRUS changed the game

Now you must improve your ONLINE marketing

Online marketing and e-commerce are based on algorithms and platforms on one hand, and human behavior on the other. Most marketing managers, agencies and marketers can teach you about marketing platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram), hell, your kid or nephew can do that.

But none of them can teach you how to utilize what marketing is really about: emotions

You can try Googling online marketing tactics all day long, you probably watched a few YouTube videos about SEO, email marketing, or social media but when you tried to implement it you didn't see the results you were hoping for.  Because every business needs a different strategy and different execution. 

The cookiecutter approach WILL NOT GROW YOUR BUSINESS.


My name is Dino H Carter - a Brand & Marketing consultant solving sales and growth issues for companies. I have been in marketing for more than 20 years, including work with Levi's, MTV Europe, Alfa Romeo, and others. 


When the CoronaVirus crisis hit the USA on an economic level, I immediately changed my clients' focus to digital marketing because now, when we are in shutdown, the strength of your e-commerce and online marketing will determine your business survival.


From my experience, all businesses struggle with online marketing in one way or another.

No matter what industry they're in or how big they are, they all have some issues that limit the amount of income they generate. It can be cart abandonment, User Experience, SEO, data analysis and so on.

Now is a great opportunity to for you to work on it and fix that.

Building A Great Online Shop Can Be Simple AND Profitable.

I will Show You How



The Ten Online Marketing Points Inspection is designed to show you step by step what you need to do

to increase online sales using online marketing.

You'll discover what you do right with your website and online marketing and what you don't.

Then you will learn HOW to fix it so your sales go up.

Who Is This For?

If you have an online shop or if you're using a website to sell services, and you are looking to generate more sales, increase cash flow, and build a business that runs like a money-making machine you are a perfect fit for this program.

If you believe this crisis is an opportunity to learn how to grow your business, this program is for you.

BUT! If you rather sit and watch Netflix all day, if you think online marketing is magic and you will find overnight success, you are not a good fit for this program.

Here Is What You Need To Know About 

The Ten Online Marketing Points Inspection

The Ten Online Marketing Points Inspection is a 3 step framework designed to help you put in place clear and effective online marketing and grow your sales.

The method: 

1st step: Full website and online marketing evaluation

2nd step: Complete assessment report 

3rd step: Step by step transformation guide 

The ten points inspected:

  1. Website design

  2. Website usability

  3. User experience

  4. Customer targeting

  5. Brand alignment

  6. SEO

  7. Newsletters

  8. Automation

  9. Content

  10. Social media

The process:

The bread and butter of The Ten Online Marketing Points Inspection is to supply you with highly focused information and knowledge so you can transform your business fast. That's why the process is only a few days long.


The first two days are inspection days. This is when I take a long deep look "under the hood" of your website and online marketing activity. It's an in-depth inspection of different elements on both the front and back ends of your online operations including the way your website is designed, the analytics and matrixes, the way you present and promote your product or services online. In addition, I look at your social media, blog, images, HTML, cart abandonment and so on, so I can present you with the most well-rounded realistic picture of your online operation and digital marketing.

The third day is when we meet on a 1 ON 1 video call where I present you with my findings. I will go with you over each of the ten points and let you know what is done right and what needs work. I will point out the online marketing elements that are done well and benefit your goal and those that prevent you from achieving the success you can obtain when everything is done right.

I will educate on marketing secrets and frameworks so you will understand WHY things need revisions, WHAT you need to change, and HOW to make those changes.

In addition to our video meeting, you will get a complete PDF report of your business' Ten Points Inspection results and the fixes needed so you can easily follow the report and make the necessary changes. 

The Ten Online Marketing Points Inspection Is Only $599


"Working with Dino is eye-opening. He has vast knowledge and the right tools in many different aspects of marketing and business, his insights are results-oriented and most important - he delivers!

He made a few changes to our online shop and email marketing in one meeting, and immediately the numbers went up!"

Blayne Siegel - Owner of Kinetix Clothing

"Dino has such a unique and smart perspective, I was blown away. His thought process is so sharp and different, but it all makes sense I love the results. I am grateful for this experience."

Jamie Lynn Deieso - Owner: Healing Therapy LA

"Working with Dino is a great experience. He brings so much to the table and really helps find the best and most effective way to get better sales, through unique perception and in-depth understanding of marketing, business and design. I encourage every sales manager to work with him."

Roger Reitzel - Sales executive & Leadership expert