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“It was great having Dino H Carter of D Branding here at Toolbox LA for his keynote talk about building a brand. Dino was very interesting and informative, and supplied the attendees, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own brands, a wealth of valuable information, ideas and strategies they can immediately implement."  
Raychel Espiritu, Community manager, Toolbox LA
"Dino was an entertaining and informative speaker at our event, CannaFarm Con, at Paradise Point. He spoke in the panel, “The Ever Expanding Canopy: Scaling for Expansion” and contributed niche ideas to do with marketing businesses in this rapidly growing industry." 
Celeste Miranda, CEO MACE Media Group


Dino H Carter is an awesome speaker and presenter! His opening speech about marketing brands at our Wrazel Investors Event, was terrific.
Dino is really remarkable with his ability to grab the audience's attention while being highly insightful and entertaining at the same time. I truly believe he opened our attendees' minds to new marketing and branding tactics and ideas they can use to grow their business immediately. 
I strongly recommend Dino as a speaker as his knowledge in branding and marketing is vast and he is great at getting the crowd engaged.

Jon Muller, COO Wrazel

Dino H Carter is a brand expert with over 20 years of extensive marketing experience, including public relations for Levi's, merchandising for MTV-Europe, guerilla marketing  Alfa Romeo, artworks for National Geographic, branding, packaging design, strategy and consulting for cannabis companies. He has a unique and comprehensive approach and an in-depth understanding of the interaction between brands, consumers, and commerce.

He is a speaker, a guest on podcasts, and a contributor for different publications and in the USA and Europe.
Dino lived, traveled, and worked in three continents, he has a bachelor's degree in Management & Communications, a teaching diploma, and a very unique life story. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

In his articles and speaking engagements, Dino's goal is to cure the world of bad branding and contribute to businesses and entrepreneurs' success by providing "brand thinking" tools and cutting edge knowledge.

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Most business owners and managers say marketing is the biggest problem in their organization. 2019 Research by Marketing Week Magazine found that 51% of executives say their knowledge of brand building is very weak to non-existing.

So how do you build a brand? In his talk, Keynote speaker Dino H Carter dives into the concept of brand building and the right marketing tactics you should use to achieve business growth and success.

He brings examples and case studies for the right marketing and branding tactics, concepts, and ideas that drive your business' growth.