Marketing and sales are now harder than ever. That is why having a highly experienced outside consultant like brand strategist Dino H Carter is crucial for your brand's success and scalability regardless if you have an in-house marketing team or not. 

Dino has over 25 years of international marketing experience, including work with MTV, Levi's, National Geographic, and more. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Hollywood chamber of commerce, a speaker, podcast guest, and a regular contributor to magazines in the USA and Europe. 

A brand consultant helps with decision making, maximizes marketing budget and efforts, processes, and procedures to increase efficiency and income. 



In order to win today's commerce game, you must have a cohesive brand identity executed all across the board. From your logo to your brand's webiste, marketing collateral and packaging, your branding has to be aligned with the brand's customer base.

Research show consumers want to buy and be connected to brands that invest in the process of branding design, that is why the right design is more than just a logo, it is problem-solving for your customers.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the most cost-effective tool and a must-have for any business, big or small.

In order to grow your business, increase website traffic and sales you have to be on Google and other search engines results. Otherwise, no one will know about your website.

Our SEO services start for less than $1000 a month.


The most fundamental difference between successful businesses and failing or struggling businesses is that successful businesses in all sizes have a marketing plan. Failing businesses don't have a marketing plan, they don't have any marketing budget, and without a plan, you can't really get anywhere. Your marketing plan is the roadmap to reach your goals, it is the game plan how you are to sell more every year.

After years of working with all sorts of businesses, we can say that if there is one cardinal thing that can actually make or break your business is having a marketing plan. We can help.

Trying to win without a strategy leads to defeat. Businesses of all sizes in all industries must have a razor-sharp brand strategy that is manifested through the right marketing initiatives on all touchpoints with the client.

The strategy is the essence of any successful branding or rebranding project

Building a brand strategy is the process of defining the brand and the customer base for your product or service. It includes finding the brand's DNA, values, unique value proposition, purpose/elevator pitch, voice, and so on, so the brand identity and marketing activities will be cohesive and consistent.

Blogs, social media, newsletters, YouTube, are the most cost-effective brand awareness, customer acquisition, and retention tool.

As you know from your own experience, driving traffic to your website or online shop is not an easy task. It takes constant cross-platform work and countless hours.

That is why having a clear content strategy is crucial for your sales success, online and offline.

This is the reason thriving businesses invest in many different tactics, based on a well-defined content strategy.



Businesses spend 47% more on digital marketing this year and are expected to spend 49% more in 2021.

Digital marketing is so big and includes everything that is internet and mobile. From Google ads, through SEO, social media to email marketing, Instagram ads, and more.

Done right, digital marketing has a very high ROI (Return On Investment) but the marketing mix has to be done right and based on data and correlation with other paid and organic marketing initiatives. 



Automated emails, chatbots, automated exit-triggered popups, and more AI elements can double your sales.


We created cart abandonment automated emails for a client that is now responsible for about 46% of the client's online sales!

Let us set your marketing automation elements and grow your sales.