Having an outside consultant saves a lot of time and money, and supply different perspective and insights, because when you are inside the bottle you can't read the label.

Whether it's a few hours consultancy or a monthly retainer, having a brand consultant helps businesses of all sizes with decision making, maximize marketing budget and efforts, create clarity, ideation, effective processes and procedures that increase efficiency and income, supply knowledge and perspective to different activities and steps you are currently taking, need to take, or plan to take in the future.  


Serving in the Israeli army taught me that tactics without strategy lead to defeat. Businesses of all sizes in all industries must have a razor sharp brand strategy that is manifested through the right marketing initiatives on all touch points with the client.

The strategy is the essence of any successful branding or rebranding project

Building a brand strategy is the process of defining the brand and the customer base for your product or service. It includes finding the brand's DNA, values, unique value proposition, purpose/elevator pitch, voice and so on, so the brand identity and marketing activities will be cohesive and consistent.


Blogs, social media, newsletters, YouTube, are not only the highest ROI generator of customer acquisition and retention,

but this content marketing is also the most cost-effective brand awareness tool. But as you know from your own experience, driving traffic to your website or online shop is not an easy task. It takes constant cross-platform work and countless hours.

That is why having a clear content strategy is crucial for your sales success, online and offline.

Just being on social media, or just sending newsletters or abandoned cart emails can't cut it. You probably tried it yourself and found out the hard way it is not that easy to turn it to sales and orders.

This is the reason thriving businesses invest in many different tactics, based on a well-defined content strategy.


No matter if it's your personal brand, a business you think of starting, a new product you are about to launch, or if you have specific problems, questions or issues about your business' marketing, sales, or branding, this brand ignition session will help you tremendously by answering your questions about the specific issues and problems you have. This is a one on one with brand expert and marketing consultant Dino H Carter, who will give you so much information and info, at the end of the session you will be pumped to ignite your brand!

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"D Branding has the knowledge and the tools.

Working with Dino is eye-opening. He has vast knowledge in many different aspects of marketing and business, his insights are results-oriented and most important - he delivers!

He made a few changes to our online shop and email marketing in one meeting, and immediately the numbers went up!"

Blayne Siegel - Owner of Kinetix Clothing


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