Identity system design, Website design, Packaging design 

Straight & Roll is a Canadian company that asked to create a brand around a novelty product for the rapidly growing Medical Cannabis users base - rolling papers, filters, grinder and a poach in one folding pack the size of a regular rolling papers package.

The client had only two objectives for us. We had to create full branding including identity system, product artwork, packaging, in both a Cannabis oriented and non-Cannabis versions, all with a limited budget.

A very challenging project to say the least.


We have experience working with the Cannabis industry and decided to differentiate the brand by creating a very rock n' roll personality with coolness tone and vibe.

It's bold, unapologetic & straightforward. 

On the Cannabis version, we used a Cannabis leaf as part of the design, while on the non-Cannabis one, a skull is used instead.

In addition, we wanted to have more than the logo as the main, or pivotal component of the branding and created a rock woman portrait which is very street, Kat Von D style, to catch the attention of customers of all genders at the POS. This move was a great success since this portrait does grab a lot of attention already.

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Logo rebranding, Website redesign, Business cards design, Collateral design 


Artery Pay in a fin-tech company in the cannabis industry. Artery Pay processes payments for cash-heavy and high-risk businesses through mobile and online applications.

The client had a logo, website, and other marketing collateral but was not happy with the design and the fact that the website had extremely low traffic and the same was with the number of app downloads.

To fix the problem, we started by building a brand strategy. This helped us and the client better understand who are the right customers for Artery Pay and how to get to them. 

We then had a full rebranding process based on the brand strategy. New logo, business cards and all other collateral including flyers and tradeshow artworks were designed and printed, and of course, we had a full redesign of the website including a new design for the mobile version.

In addition, we built a marketing plan and a content plan. This included digital marketing, ads campaign online and offline, podcasts and magazine appearances, and social media marketing.

This holistic approach doubled the traffic to the website immediately, including more customers' inquiries and app store traffic.

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ONYX Venture Advisors

Logotype design, Logomark design, Website design, Collateral design

Onyx' case was mainly about focusing and tweaking the preliminary job the client already did in-house.
Onyx is based in Manhattan N.Y. and advises corporations in the development of new initiatives by guiding the innovation process from ideation, through launch, to performance tracking.
The company targets entrepreneurs in the incubating stage and early-stage startups.

The owners of Onyx did a great of a job before approaching me. They built the brand's personality, and they knew exactly who their clients are and why the clients should go with Onyx instead of the competition. They made all the right decision and were very focused.
Our job was to conduct strategic planning, so the brand’s personality appeal to the target customers; using the right visuals.

The Onyx stone is amber and black in color and has healing properties.

It’s a powerful protection stone, releases stress and gives energy.
As much as black is a color loved by Newyorkers, the main color that was chosen for the brand is Orange, which symbolizes energy, excitement, and warmth.

There were three elements we felt should characterize the brand: Innovation, Success and New York City.

Manhattan’s skyline is a symbol of success. The brand’s customers are located all around the globe and this City epitomizes those three elements for all of them.

A visual of New York City has to be part of the brand's manifestation and what’s more suitable than New York City sunrise. This image says everything about the brand without saying a word. That is why it is the background of the company’s website.

Logo design
Corporate Branding


Logotype design, Logomark design, Website design, Business cards design

For us, the most important thing with branding Jamie Lynn Deieso's holistic massage service was focus and differentiation.

Due to massive competition in the therapy and well-being industry, it was important for us to set Jamie's services apart. 


We managed to do that by:

A) Targeting a very specific customer base, instead of the broad targeting of most massage services.

B) Using different design language than other businesses in the industry.

The focus is on 26-42 year old city women who believe in strong femininity and see themselves as a tad different than the “regular women.” They work very demanding jobs but very rewarding. Some are career women and some are super moms, in any case, they need a moment of peace and tranquillity - this is where Jamie's coming in.

The brand's attributes are caring, professional, recharged and empowered. The benefit the customers get from using Jamie’s service is not about solving back pain or relaxing, every massage therapy does that. It's about empowerment! After a therapy session with Jamie, you feel whole, rejuvenated and ready to face anything!

The Jamie Lynn Deieso brand is professional, provides caring service that makes patients feel recharged and empowered. It does not talk with visuals usually used by the rest of the industry, such as portraits of relaxed women and hot stones. The brand's values are femininity, growth, and renewal which been communicated to the customers through the leafs logo, green as the main color and yellow as the secondary, and use of flowers images.

Branding diffrentiation


Logotype design, Logomark design, Website design

Fashion label Crease Ghana mixes high fashion with tribal, traditional elements.


The label's designs are deeply influenced by the simplicity, elegance, and timelessness of the Japanese Kimono, the richness and meticulous craftsmanship of woven Kente cloth, and the power, heritage and symbolism of Ghanaian Adinkra.


The brand's customer is a 36 - 42 years old upper-middle-class modern woman, lives in Europe. She has her own fashion taste and appreciates high-quality products and workmanship. You will hardly see her wearing jeans and T-shirt.


To connect the brand to the desired customers, we built a bold, elegant tribal and modern personality. It's classic black and white with confident islands of bright colors with a bold logo based on one of the ancient Adinkra symbols which are used extensively in Ghana.

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Real Remodeling

Logotype design, Logomark design, Website design

The client needed rebranding. The company's logo and website were amateurish and outdated.

Since the company is owned by a young couple, the concept was to have contemporary look with a feel of movement, something fun that has rhythm, because remodeling is fun! To balance the youthful, we used the blue color which conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister.

In addition, it was important to design a logomark fit to small screens of mobile devices, as most online searches are made on mobile devices.


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